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Kitchen Soap- Handmade Soap (100% Natural)

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Kitchen Soap- Handmade Soap (100% Natural)
Kitchen Soap- Handmade Soap (100% Natural)
Kitchen Soap- Handmade Soap (100% Natural)
Kitchen Soap- Handmade Soap (100% Natural)

These  zero waste Kitchen soaps are made with 100% coconut oil and Lemon essential oils. These bars are formulated to cut through grease and grime while still being gentle on your hands. This soap is ideal for doing dishes, cleaning countertops, makeup brushes, spot clean laundry, clean stains on the carpet,  cleaning the kitchen sink and more! These soaps are the ultimate multipurpose product. 

How to Use: Remove any excess food and grease. Wet the sponge and rub on the soap round to create suds. Repeat as needed for fresh suds. Wash and rinse well with either warm or cold water. Use warm water for best results. For pots and pans you can use a brush scrubber or scourer. 

Use a cloth to dry dishes for extra sparkly results!

Let the soap air out between use to get the longest use out of it.  

This listing is for one bar approximately 3 oz in weight.

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Lemon Essential Oil

Each Salty Lemon Apothecary soap bar is made in small batches using the old fashioned way to make soap, the cold process method. Each bar is cured for at least 4 weeks to ensure a long lasting and mild soap. In the cold process method sodium hydroxide (lye) is used to turn oils into soap. When fats in the oils and the lye go through a process called saponification glycerin is formed. In the final product lye is no longer present. 

Each bar is packed full of skin loving ingredients and luxury butters. We never use palm oil, which has been linked to massive deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, and contributing to the loss of Orangutans and Sumatran tigers. Many traditional soaps use this ingredient. We believe in making the most ethical choices for our planet to keep Earth and those we share it with healthy.

Be sure to keep your soap dry in between use. Make sure it sits in a dish that has proper drainage and is not directly under your shower stream.

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