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Conditioner Bar

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Conditioner Bar

If you take the parts about what makes a liquid conditioner work, minus the water and other fluid components, preservatives, texture enhancers ,etc, you're left with only active, conditioning ingredients. That's what this bar is. A handful of hair loving ingredients in a convenient bar form.

These bars come package free. 


Lavender Sage: Hydrating. Features more active conditioning components and a light soothing lavender sage aroma. Perfect for dry, long, tangled or color treated/compromised hair.

Citrus: Lighter conditioning. Has slightly less conditioning actives and has a sweet citrus aroma. Better suited for fine or normal hair who doesn't struggle with excessive dryness or damage. Reduces static and frizz, without weighing your hair down.

 HOW TO USE: gently rub the bar down the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Long or thick hair needs more strokes, shorter or thin hair needs less. You won't feel it doing anything at first, but keep swiping the bar down your hair. It will start to detangle and smooth within seconds. Then use your hands to distribute the product through your hair.

STORAGE: Keep bar high and dry between use. 

INGREDIENTS: BTMS(rapeseed derived emulsifying wax), cetearyl alcohol(conditioning alcohol), cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, d-l panthenol(vitamin b), strawberry seed oil, quinoa protein, essential oil, natural clay

BTMS is a natural plant based wax that is created from rapeseed oil. Cetearyl alcohol is a fatty alcohol which is conditioning to skin and hair vs a drying alcohol such as denatured alcohol.


Made by Locust Grove Farm Co

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