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Shampoo Bar

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Shampoo Bar

The bars are long lasting and are a great way to streamline your routine and replace plastic heavy haircare products. These high lather bars are specially formulated by a hairstylist, and hand pressed individually to create a unique shampooing experience. They are made from only active ingredients and contain no water, preservatives, or fillers.

These bars come package free. 


HOW TO USE: Starting with wet hair, focus on working the bar gently in circular motions, mainly applying it to my hairline and scalp, then working the lather through my ends. A final thorough rinse and you're ready to apply your choice of conditioner.


STORAGE: Keep bar high and dry between use. 

Ingredients: sodium coco sulfate(cleansing), cocoa butter(conditioning), sodium cocoyl isethionate(cleansing), sodium lauryl sulfoacetate(cleansing), coco betaine(lather and mild cleansing), coco glucose(mild cleansing), essential oil


Made by Locust Grove Farm Co

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